Similar to an administrative assistant position in an office, these positions consist of clerical, record keeping, and correspondence duties. Jobs can be found with companies and with a variety of staffing firms that specialize in providing virtual administrative services. While some of these positions can require specific office hours, many are part-time. Any mommy with a penchant for writing will love working remotely as a content writer.

What to do after being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years?

  1. Have a clear goal about why you're returning to work.
  2. Update your professional social media profiles.
  3. Refresh your skills.
  4. Start networking.

Check out my interview with her on how to become a sleep consultant and consider this as a great way to make money from home with your kids by your side. Jayne Havens is a stay-at-home mom and she was always getting asked if she could help others get their kids to sleep through the night since she had early success. You have to see how this works as another mom that I interviewed who does this made $4,000 her first month after she got the proper training! See how this mom was able to retire her husband and stay as a stay-at-home mom working around her own schedule.

Build your business

But if you’ve been searching for remote jobs and nothing seems to fit, perhaps the answer is to start something yourself. The job requires taking phone calls, responding to inquiries, and providing customer assistance. These roles typically require a high school diploma and willingness to learn new technology and software programs. The job typically has minimum education requirements and sometimes turns into more permanent or different positions with companies. In this type of job, you’ll act as a facilitator to learning by using classroom or virtual presentations or individual instruction to help students learn complex subjects.

  • Since you can perform all of these tasks from a computer, virtual assistants can easily do them.
  • When you are picking a job to do as a stay-at-home mom, make sure you look at the hours that are required of you.
  • Property managers can make up to ten percent of the rent cost each month.
  • Transcribers are usually paid based on the length of the recording.
  • If you’re curious where to start looking, though, here are 21 flexible jobs that are worth considering ASAP.

For this job, you’ll teach your students how to communicate in the English language. That being said, as a stay-at-home mom myself, there are times when balancing job tasks and house errands can be difficult. Places also sell web services with great customization options, like Wix or Squarespace. Not only that, but you can use PayPal to receive payment for any goods or services you sell, like editing work, artwork, or even childcare.

FlexJobs Is SO Much More Than Just a Job Board

More than 75 million people trust The Muse to make work-related moves, and you can search over 100,000 jobs using its job search page to find the right one for you. You can find remote/flexible jobs by clicking a checkbox when you search for jobs. Sponsored by Remote, the book by famed 37Signals founders, We Work Remotely is a catch-all of remote jobs from customer service to web design to programming. Working as a content writer can be one of the best remote jobs for young adults. Working as a content writer requires impeccable writing skills and an eye for catching grammatical errors.

So it’s important to keep working at it, and to find other ways to bring in an income in the meanwhile. It does require you to have to put in many hours of hard work, but the pay off is substantial if you keep at it. The normal fee each month would be $14.95 a month but it’s less using my code. I’m not a fan of paying to find work but it has to get compensated somehow for hand-screening each job it posts.

We Work Remotely

Creating and selling digital printables is one of the most wonderful work from home jobs for moms. Most printables just require you to create them, then list them in your store, and then you are done. Web designers create the visuals of a website, designing navigational elements, creating graphics, choosing fonts and colors, and using HTML code.

  • If you love shopping, and know how to find a great deal, then maybe selling flipped items is for you!
  • As long as you hand it in by the given deadline, you are flexible to work when and from where you want.
  • If you can find a family with more than one child to watch, the earning potential increases.
  • The best survey sites to sign up with are Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.
  • This job comes with decent pay, and there’s always an opening somewhere!

If you can reasonably accomplish work tasks and responsibilities from home, there’s a good chance you can find a remote job to fit your skill set. One of the top remote job boards, FlexJobs has over 50 job categories, with positions ranging from freelance to full-time, and entry-level to executive. They screen the jobs before posting, so you don’t have to dig through shady opportunities.

Data entry clerk

If you’re considering part-time remote jobs and have fantastic attention to detail and listening skills, add the transcriber position to your list. Remote work is disrupting traditional workplace norms as it gains significant popularity in recent years. Previously, remote jobs were deemed unattainable, but technological advancements and globalization have made them increasingly prevalent. Remote work is now becoming the new normal, allowing individuals greater flexibility and access to job opportunities from anywhere in the world. Freelance writers can write for a blog, an organization, or an online publication.

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